Sunday, December 25, 2005


Firstly..bloggie dearie..I'm really sorry abt ignoring you this long and I wish I could put up a strong defence but the thing is I don't really have any defence...yeah so I had to study...I had these baap of all exams called 'endsems' doing bhangra on my head but I can't use that as an excuse to ignore you.
That let me tell you what I've been upto...after the cursed exams which brought me on the verge of nervous breakdown (my friends think I have already passed the limits of nervous breakdown), I went home. After two days of sleeping I was off again on a ten day trip to 'Kerala' the only difference being I visited every other place except Kerala when I had specifically asked to arrange a trip to the God's own country. Anyway...had loads of fun...loads of shopping as usual...did a great job of putting up a happy face. Sometimes its just a pain in the ass to be this ever happy person when theres this whole lot of not-so-joyous emotions bursting to come out. But I know I can't afford to be emotional I worked harder than I have ever done before...I think till date I've always had everything, including all my so called achievements handed on a platter to me but this time its a different story all together...the only time I can say I've put in so much effort and I don't even get a hint of results...anyway...for me, life moves on. I'm glad I have my dad supporting me or the world would've seen the end of me a long time back. Like he says, I'm just gonna work hard and satisfy myself with the thought that atleast I didn't give up. But the competitor in me doesn't agree with it...I want results...and fast...lets just hope I'm able to hush up that voice.
After a month of result nightmares, I've been able to take the blow quite well. But theres a limit to my strength...right now I walk around with a smile on my face...the day it gets too much to handle you just might find a pulp of what used to be me on the ground beneath the tallest building around here...Wish me luck for this sem :)
And lastly...I couldn't meet up with any of my friends...and not even call up anybody..and now my friends have been calling me up and using the choicest of words against seems to be my turn to build up my foul language vocab :P...I hate doing this to them but then again...I really couldn't help next break is gonna be dedicated to them completely..hope that makes up :)


Blogger Shreyansh said...

Just a month after the guy's suicide, reading this, makes me shudder. I hope you are just kidding. But it is sick.
There is life beyond quizzes , exams and GPAs and results. And it is beautiful.We are sometimes too immature to realise that.
I hope you do well. Good Luck!

2:34 PM, December 26, 2005  
Anonymous Grey Shades said...

Finally you wrote! :) And then next time you talk abt pulp you're getting your ass kicked...hard! Would love to hear your new 'vocab'!

12:46 AM, December 27, 2005  
Blogger anthony said...

ahh... I wated to be the first commenter.. grrrrr

7:56 AM, December 27, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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