Monday, November 21, 2005

Me a magnet????

Yep...I've turned into a magnet. I have the properties of attracting sleazeballs...the choicest of them. Some guys here tend to think that just coz I'm from Bombay I might have loose morals. So let me see, for the four months that I have stayed here, I have had the following guys hit on me,
  1. a class I romeo who thinks all girls are his play things and thinks that when I say a no I mean a yes
  2. a very indescent proposal from a sleazeball who mailed me from a fake id and expects me agree to sleep with him when I have no idea who the hell he is
  3. and this one takes the cake....mails me...asks me out....adds me on gtalk....keeps trying to talk to me when I have refused outright....and it turns out he is married....
And I have to spend two years here...god help me.....