Thursday, September 22, 2005


IITK isn't safe anymore...infact whichever road I'm let loosed on isn't safe anymore :P. I was in a head-on collision with a guy on a bicycle today. He fell... and for a change I didn't... (pssst...I was at fault and I did apologise profusely)...I even asked him whether he was ok...I guess it didn't look genuine enough coz I was a lil too relieved that it wasn't me who fell. have to look at the humungous 1 inch in diameter mark on my knee from my earlier rendevous with the streets of IITK to understand my reaction. My friends keep hitting guys over here and this time I have a story to tell...I hope this is my last collision...but until I get proficient at it...BEWARE :)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Its that time of the year....

Its time again...its time that I go a bit more insane...a bit more hyperactive....a bit more romantic....yep...its raining here...and this time I'm enjoying it on my cycle. I'm so glad I've learnt cycling. I'm sure ppl who ride around me think otherwise (I've fallen twice, once trying to save myself from a bumble bee and once trying to save a guy who jumped out of nowhere in front of my cycle, I hurt myself on the same place both the times). There are a zillion times I feel alone and I hate it....but right now I'd just love to go some place lonely and play in the rain :) Maybe I'll just try to go some place without getting lost and forgetting my way back :)....take care ppl :)

Friday, September 09, 2005

The queen of the 'unrequitted love' genre

The heading says it all....someone said, 'True love is the unrequitted kind'. In that case I don't think I wanna be truly in love with someone...let it all be superficial and let us all be sucks. Anyway....before ppl start getting worried abt me, I'm sitting in dark cold places....and definitely no regrets...just a calm, can't call it nice, but my heart's at peace with my brain. Glad I don't have to face clashes. Glad it didn't end badly...I just hope he is as strong as I am. I still love the world...and I ain't bitter abt world hasn't crumbled down....I'm still worried abt the zook I scored in one test and happy abt the full score in the other.... the mess food still tastes pathetic and my cycling skills still worry me...I'm still trying to learning bengali in vain and my hindi and marathi skills are still on a steady goes goes goes on...