Thursday, August 25, 2005

To all and sundry...

The owner of this blog is swamped and more, with studies. She has taken a forced hiatus from blogging. This notice is effective till 7th of September 2005. So keen is she on keeping to this notice that she has packed off her computer and decided to shift her bed to the library and then mostly to the Health Centre. Till then....Khuda hafis...bbye...Tchuss...ciao :)

Sunday, August 07, 2005

And finally...

Ok..I'm back. I've had a really busy two weeks here at IITK and I don't even know from where to begin writing. There's a zillion things I have to say here. Ok, I'll do what I do best...I'll organise in points.

  1. The Institute: Word cannot justify the beauty of this place. It is just amazing. Greenery and open spaces and peacocks everywhere, even in our Acad-block and they seem to be so comfortable with people. Some of the hotels could easily pass off as three-star hotels, including mine. Though my room is a pentagon and the heat is unbearable due to bad ventilation. It has the worst planning but one of the best amenities. We have a reading room filled with magazines and newspapers, a book club which is like a mini library, a computer centre, a beauty parlour, a well equipped gymn, a communication centre and more stuff I'm still to discover. All blocks are a lil far from each other and everyone uses a cycle to cover distances ie. everyone but me coz I haven't learnt to ride one yet and it seems a norm for girls to learn riding once they get here. The rules are relaxed enough to give us maximum freedom. We can stay out all night long and they aren't strict about guys and gals mixing around , we can stay in each others hostels till 12 at night. But they are strict enough so that the guys can't get too fresh with girls and know the limits. We can even face expulsion if we mail somebody without their permission. The campus is absolutely safe for girls and we can enjoy so much too. The first week, I enjoyed the campus to the max even at night. You kinda get the attitude that sleeping is a waste of precious time.
  2. The crowd/My friends: My class has just 3 girls, two of who's boyfriends stay on campus. So many times I do find myself without company for they have to spend time with their guys. But I do hang around with girls from the other department coz we girls need to stick together for most of the MSc guys are hopeless, they not only feel shy to talk but wouldn't dither to ignore us if we approach them. So friday night we had a pajama party and rocked the entire IIT :) We had some coffee in the basket ball court and were energised enough for people to think that we might be high on something, and then we decided to take a walk around the extremely beautiful campus. We definitely made everyone feel our presence. My roomie is extremely adorable and we get along like a house on fire. I've also got friendly with this MTech second year guy which was a really smart thing to do coz he was my partner for my nightly strolls in the first week and was kinda a guide, getting me familiar with my surroundings, rules and making sure I didn't feel lonely coz I didn't have company.

More will come the next time I update coz now I need to hit my bed...ciao :)