Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Observations of a velli*

We've experienced blank calls, let me take the liberty of adding that we might have made some of them too. Then with email, came spams which extended itself to spam offlines on yahoo messenger and somewhere in the recent past and current present, we've been introduced to those heartwrenching SOS forwards on our cellphone. And now ladies and gentlemen, let me bring to your attention, the latest in irritation technology......spams/blank comments on your blog..... :clap::clap::clap: :)

Let me throw some light on this latest invention in irritation technology. This new innovation is currently limited to blogs hosted by rediffblogs but I'm sure the day isn't far when they discover the anonymous option of blogger comments and the fact that the very same technology can be applied to those hosted by Haloscan.

Ok, jokes apart, there seems to be a person on the net who's been leaving blank comments without fail since June end and whose daily itinerary might look something like this,
  • 0600 Rising time
  • 0615 to 0715 Strenous exercise, must include special exercises for the thumb and fingers and memory exercises, what with all the jumbled urls these bloggers use.
  • 0715 to 0800 Wash and dress up
  • 0800 to 0900 Breakfast and newspaper reading, must keep a look out to see whether I'm famous yet
  • 0900 to 1200 most important job of the day which is gonna make me famous. Leave blank messages, continuosly without wasting a minute on every Rediffblog I can lay my hands or more appropriately eyes on.
  • 1200 lunch time and the much needed break from commenting.
  • 1230 must get back to the lesser mortals life for my great work Cannot be detected
After some research and resourcefulness I also came upon a page from his/her diary:
I worked relentlessly all day today. Worked on my pet project too. Infact I got so carried way that worked pat my midday mark and kept at it for another couple of hours. A slip up I can't afford. Glad I wasn't discovered or else I might lose my life for it, what with all the people hankering for fame. I am so proud myself. What an ingenius idea!! Its almost like charity work. Imagine when the President asks me, "So what exactly do you do?" I'll answer,"I leave blank comments on blogs to help the poor souls increase their comment count". I know the revolution will catch on but I'll still be the brain behind it. I could even start a huge corporation and hire hundreds of workers for me. Who knows I might even float it on the Stock Exchange. But it'll have to be a hush-hush affair, after all its like charity :) Oh my god....I could even leave real comments instead of the blank ones. But that can happen only when I start the corporation for I alone can't weave words there....I need more manpower and I'll hire the best brains to do it for me.... I feel like a messiah ^-^

Are we on the brink of salvation? Is there really a weirdo thinking on these lines? Is my comments count ever gonna hit the roof all thanks to one brave soul?? Should I shift back to rediffblogs??? Questions galore....

* Bombay slang for a useless person


Blogger Ritzy said...

Oye velli... take a break... your minds working overtime now!!! :))

4:23 AM, July 12, 2005  
Blogger Cherubin said...

@ritzy thats the deal with being a velli, your mind works uselessly :)

10:00 PM, July 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ritzy baba!!! fancy seeing you here :-D

11:20 PM, July 12, 2005  
Anonymous Harish said...

Hey I had a few blank comments on my blog...cudn't figure out who it was or why it was done?

8:01 AM, July 13, 2005  
Blogger Gaurav said...

hmmm interesting research...hoping blogger is not affected by it...i already shifted from haloscan...ur really useless - so njoi ur vellapan for just some more days... :)

8:24 PM, July 13, 2005  
Blogger Cherubin said...

@Helgie fancy seeing you here :)

4:33 AM, July 14, 2005  
Blogger Cherubin said...

@Harish that was the sole inspiration for my post..

4:33 AM, July 14, 2005  
Blogger Cherubin said...

@gg totally enjoying my vellapan...precisely one week remaining :)

4:34 AM, July 14, 2005  

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