Thursday, July 21, 2005

Here I go again....

So all my bags are packed. All the junk is cleared. My room is all spick and span and shining bright and EMPTY. It felt miserable to take my charts off the walls of my room....that was the only time a tear traced its way down my cheek and dropped on my tshirt to be sucked in by the cotton into oblivion. It felt like my birthday has come a lil earlier than this year round coz I received calls from all and sundry in the midst of heavy duty packing. Felt nice.....Felt miserable.....I'l love it :)

Monday, July 18, 2005

My first time :)

Ok....would love to make a long post out of this but since I am on a slow dial up connection and the fact that I left my Harry Potter due to a brain wave I had about 5 mins ago, I'm gonna make this short and sweet....This is my first post from my brand new laptop, courtesy my very generous father :) but due to some technical glitches I couldn't access the net earlier and was limited to simply uploading my music and ebooks from my ol' faithful desktop :)... more will come sooner :)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

No, this post isn't about the movie. Is it odd for an otherwise absolutely feminine, ladylike girl to wish and crave for a punchbag? I so wish I could punch something really really hard. All the more better if it were a person. Where are all those disgusting guys who hit on me when I'm in dire need?

What is it about the night that appeals to me so much? I'm a morning person. I love to wake up my highly irritated friends early in the morning especially if its a Saturday. But I'm also a complete night person. It is the time for introspection, for bonding, for a warm cup of really strong coffee. Don't care if it won't let me sleep. Its also the time for U2, Train, Goo Goo Dolls, Aerosmith, Eagles, Phil Collins, Atomic Kitten...

I need another cup of coffee....

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Observations of a velli*

We've experienced blank calls, let me take the liberty of adding that we might have made some of them too. Then with email, came spams which extended itself to spam offlines on yahoo messenger and somewhere in the recent past and current present, we've been introduced to those heartwrenching SOS forwards on our cellphone. And now ladies and gentlemen, let me bring to your attention, the latest in irritation technology......spams/blank comments on your blog..... :clap::clap::clap: :)

Let me throw some light on this latest invention in irritation technology. This new innovation is currently limited to blogs hosted by rediffblogs but I'm sure the day isn't far when they discover the anonymous option of blogger comments and the fact that the very same technology can be applied to those hosted by Haloscan.

Ok, jokes apart, there seems to be a person on the net who's been leaving blank comments without fail since June end and whose daily itinerary might look something like this,
  • 0600 Rising time
  • 0615 to 0715 Strenous exercise, must include special exercises for the thumb and fingers and memory exercises, what with all the jumbled urls these bloggers use.
  • 0715 to 0800 Wash and dress up
  • 0800 to 0900 Breakfast and newspaper reading, must keep a look out to see whether I'm famous yet
  • 0900 to 1200 most important job of the day which is gonna make me famous. Leave blank messages, continuosly without wasting a minute on every Rediffblog I can lay my hands or more appropriately eyes on.
  • 1200 lunch time and the much needed break from commenting.
  • 1230 must get back to the lesser mortals life for my great work Cannot be detected
After some research and resourcefulness I also came upon a page from his/her diary:
I worked relentlessly all day today. Worked on my pet project too. Infact I got so carried way that worked pat my midday mark and kept at it for another couple of hours. A slip up I can't afford. Glad I wasn't discovered or else I might lose my life for it, what with all the people hankering for fame. I am so proud myself. What an ingenius idea!! Its almost like charity work. Imagine when the President asks me, "So what exactly do you do?" I'll answer,"I leave blank comments on blogs to help the poor souls increase their comment count". I know the revolution will catch on but I'll still be the brain behind it. I could even start a huge corporation and hire hundreds of workers for me. Who knows I might even float it on the Stock Exchange. But it'll have to be a hush-hush affair, after all its like charity :) Oh my god....I could even leave real comments instead of the blank ones. But that can happen only when I start the corporation for I alone can't weave words there....I need more manpower and I'll hire the best brains to do it for me.... I feel like a messiah ^-^

Are we on the brink of salvation? Is there really a weirdo thinking on these lines? Is my comments count ever gonna hit the roof all thanks to one brave soul?? Should I shift back to rediffblogs??? Questions galore....

* Bombay slang for a useless person

Sunday, July 10, 2005

And now for some boy bashing

Our blogosphere has turned anti-feminist. If you don't know what I'm talking about then I suggest you take a look at these one two posts and I also suggest you take a look at the comments section where 'millions' have pledged their support. I don't why the girls have turned traitors and speaking against their own clan but I can clearly see why the guys seem so peeved with us- its cause they were dealt a raw deal.

Being a girl is so much nicer. Let me make a point by point presentation.
  • You are your dad's favorite (doesn't apply if you have a sister and definitely doesn't apply if she's younger than you). Consider a small quartet family, mumma, dadda, twins-boy, girl. Now suppose if the twins are college going kids and due to some crazy reason only one of them gets to have a cell phone. Who'll it be? Why, the girl ofcourse duh.... and thats all thanks to some guys who've behaved in such manner that's made the parents feel insecure about not being in touch with their daughter 24/7.
  • Nature made the female of the species less attractive and colourful but she was clearly partial to girls coz as you can see, we're definitely more vibrant. Lets pick a point where everyone can agree. Picture a typical species of a girl and a guy in shorts. Who's better to look at? I'm sure everybody will agree that a pair of scrawny and really reaaally hairylegs is not attractive from any dimensions.
  • About girls decking up too much, has it ever occured to you that we dress up coz we wanna look nice for ourselves coz we're tired of looking at men who don't know what a nose/ear hair clipper is. Excellent example: Laloo Prasad Yadav. Bottomline,there are girls who don't dress up so that guys can look and lech at us we do it to make us feel good about ourselves.
  • We revel in options. When you go to a Shoppers Stop or Westside or Pantaloons or some such place, who has more floor space? Who has more variety? Who has more options to choose from? We girls never feel bored of formal dressing for work coz we've like a zillion things we can choose from as opposed to guys who have to stick to their trousers and shirts and if you're not in a place that can substitute for a human boiler, your business suits. I have just three words : HA HA HA :)
  • And lastly, we can do anything. From actually creating life to sustaining it and making it worthwhile. We are mighty influential people. We can take active interest in earning and lending a helping hand to the nominal head of the family and we also have the option of staying out of the rat race and just concentrating on the family :) We here of women proving their mettle in a man's world, have you heard of a man proving his mettle anywhere, be it a man's or a woman's world? What is a woman's world? Nothing and everything, we are omnipresent :) we fit in everywhere.
I rest my case : I love being a girl :)

Friday, July 01, 2005

Back to school

Remember I'd said I'm waiting for something really important, well, it didn't happen. I waited three years for it and I was disappointed. I'm ok, luckily I had prepared myself for rejection. Also the fact that my back up was IIT instead of the Mumbai University course really helped. I would've been hysterical if that'd be the case.

Anyway, I went to school this weekend. Had a blast with my sis. I was missing her like crazy. Also met all my teachers and my princi, glad that they remember me fondly :) They tell me that my sis is very talkative. I told them its a genetic thingy, all women in my family can't keep their mouths shut :) It felt amazing to be back in Panchgani. Like I'm back home. The rains just make it all the more beautiful and I feel so comfortable. I so wanna be back at school. When I finished school I was crying like a bride would at the end of her wedding day. I hope I feel the same about Kanpur when I have to leave it.

Ok, and finally, we're having a party at my German class. Its a sort of farewell for my instructor who's leaving for Germany, this guy who's going to Cambridge for his PhD and yours truly who'll unfortunately not be able to complete her course. I'm sure we'll rock Max Mueller :) Tchuss!!