Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bitter truths und Deutch Akzent

Yes I did say that I wanted to get away from Bombay and stay away from my parents but now I also happen to be counting the days I have remaining to spend with my parents and I'm dreading the day I gotta leave. This is me eating my own words and they don't taste that bad. So the thing is, I don't wanna leave. If I thought I was vehement about going away to study last year then I don't think I quite got the meaning of the word vehement then. I really don't wanna go :( and I can't do anything about it. Would I feel differently about it if it was another place? No. I'm gonna miss having long chats with my dad. I'm gonna miss going shopping with my mum. This might be the only time in my life that I might avoid shopping and people who know me will go in a state of shock on the brink of coma if they hear that. And I'm gonna miss my friends. I'm as protected a girl as they come, not only do my parents protect me but my friends have always taken special care of me. Will I find such friends in the Nerd Haven??? I half expect guys with hair dripping with mustard oil wearing thick soda glasses and those dirtyish white shirts with grey stripes and pants that barely reach the ankles who epitomise nerdyness. I know its not gonna be that bad but Kanpur just makes you wary of everyone around you. OK, enough of cribbing for the day.
Lets get to better things. I'm having an amazing time at my German class. My classmates are very friendly and the teaching is very interactive. We have loads of fun. It doesn't feel like someone's twisting our ears and making us listen to the droning sounds of the tutor repeating tongue twisters. I drive my parents crazy by talking in German but I need to talk in order to be fluent in it. Thankfully, I've picked up the German accent very quickly but its seriously affecting my English accent what with brain sending counfusing signals to my tongue resulting into a funny mix of stiff-upper-lipped Brit and the pronounce-every-letter German.Been indulging in serious retail therapy....my mum gifted me a new cell phone which's been keeping me quite busy. So busy that I haven't been able to finish The Bourne Identity by Robert Luldlum and I've been reading it since last Thursday. Its never taken me this long to finish a book. Ofcourse, I've only been reading it in the trains while travelling to class and its almost impossible to read in there coz its so jam packed that I'm just thankful that I reach my destination in one piece. That's one aspect of Bombay that I don't think I'll miss :) Ok...I need to wake up early so I need to sign off now......Tchuss!!!

PS : Forgive my typos please...no time to proofread :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oh Mommy! I'm an IITian :)

I'm an IITian :) Just saw the first list at the IIT website and I'm heading it :) I'd always wanted to be an IITian and I couldn't appear for JEE but now I've got through :) I'm so happy :)

Update: I'm joining on 24th July :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just chatter

Its really difficult to keep blogging when you're on a vacation with absolutely nothing to do and each and every new day perfectly resembles the day before. So here I am just chattering. Another reason for chattering is that my bestest friend was out of town for the last entire week and she just returned on Sunday but with me staying at my granny's place for almost a month now, its almost impossible to talk to her like we normally would. I hate saying this but its finally sinking in that things are indeed gonna change. I'm not gonna be able to talk to her any given time of the day (or night), I can't simply say to her, "See ya tomorrow at college". The one thing I'm missing the most is all the eateries around my college. I might be staying at home but I know zilch about my surroundings, on the other hand you take me to my college area and I'm perfectly capable of navigating around there, knowing the speciality of each eatery....the juice stall, sandwichwalla, DPs, Mani's when you're low on cash, Oven Fresh for the birthday treats, pizzas and pastries, Seven Eleven for the softies, Garnish when its saree day, traditional day and all those off days at college, Great Punjab when you really wanna rip someone off....hmmmm....I wanna get back to college!!!

Anyway, I've joined Max Mueller for German and now I spend approximately 3 hours travelling everyday. But atleast I'm occupied, I was driving my mum crazy :). Met a lot of interesting people in class, theres a girl who looks absolutely gorgeous, almost a goddess. There's also someone who's learning German so that she can communicate with her in laws, she met her fiance on Shaadi.com. Just proves that Indian women are in high demand :) I've also joined a library and currently I'm reading Dan Brown's Deception Point. I've read all the other Dan Brown novels. I was reading it in the train and I was so engrossed in it that I missed my stop and went one station ahead. But I calmly sat down and continued reading coz the same train was gonna return to my stop. I used to laugh when this happened to my mum coz she falls asleep in the train, but it wasn't that funny when it happened to me....blah....I'll be more careful tomorrow on....And finally, the monsoons are here :) I'm grabbing every opportunity to play in the rain like a lil kid. Now that I'm back from my granny's place I can't go on the terrace to play coz they keep it shut, but I make sure I do something about it after all thsi could be my last monsoon in Bombay. Its such a romantic climate, pity I'm enjoying it all by myself...ok, lastly, I don't know how to begin a post and I certainly don't know how to end, so if this feels like an abrupt ending....maybe someone can smoothen it out for me :)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Black Rules!!!

For quite some time I've been feeling bored to write something on my blog and I wasn't even able to write good posts. I thought and thought (believe me thinking is a task in itself ) and drew the conclusion that the reason I wasn't able to put something up was that everytime I came to my blog I felt sleepy. The colour pink doesn't really go down well with me. And so I've decided to stick to my black :) It never goes outta style...I hope I'm able to put something up soon :)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Corrective action

What do I mean by corrective action? I was sick of looking at the same post on my blog, so I decide to update it.I have no idea what to write right now....so I'm just gonna randomly blabber. I have been walking about with my tooth brush in my bag for the past month or so. No I'm not a weirdo who collects all kinda junk in my bag. I've been staying at my granny's place every night and returning home in the morning and I don't know whether I'm gonna go back but it invariably happens that I do go back. Thats the thing about staying at your grandparents place. You're so immensely pampered and you always get your way done. But the best thing is not waking up to an empty house. When I stay at my place I always wake up to an empty house and then I get this feeling of being alone. I'm an all day (and all night) person. I love waking up, and flashing someone a bright smile and saying a very peppy good morning and being asked for breakfast or preparing breakfast and outlining the days plans (which currently go to the tunes of, "Nothing, just lazing around")...you get the picture.

And thats half the reason why I've been away from the blogosphere. I came across something today on K's blog that brought me to tears. I knew that one phase of my life is over. I'm a graduate now. And I'm gonna leave Bombay(no matter what the Sainik's might say, I'm still gonna call in Bombay). I strived all year long to make sure I leave Bombay coz I'm a fiercely independent person and I was really feeling cramped staying at home. I love my parents, but maybe I need the distance to actually value every moment I spend with them and understand their concern for me and maybe then I'll understand all the restrictions on me. I already miss my college. I'm gonna miss bunking lectures, believe me I've tried every trick in the book to bunk lectures. From the very in-your-face mass bunking to the very sneaky jumping from the windows trick. It was a surpirise to see me in class. There was this one particular professor who was the most soporific thing in the world and we still had fun in her lectures. I used to wear a salwar kameez on the days of her lectures and listen to the radio during class and hide the ear phones under the dupatta :). She is one person who I'm gonna miss the most.

Right after one person. How I hate long distance relationships....Anyway, I've bored you people enough so I better shut up here :). Have fun all and please pray for me coz I'm waiting for this one very important thing and I hope it happens soon :keeping fingers crossed: :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Of too much publicity and shoe politics...(Updated)

When can you say that you're receiving publicity? When you are receiving emails from strange people askng whether you got AIR-1 for IIT JEE. When can you say that its turned into too much publicity? When you receive offlines on your yahoo messenger which simply ask you, which IIT? Its seriously amusing to see the sudden surge in interest in me. Until yesterday it was just all my relatives calling me up and asking me to repeat the same thing over and over again. And if you think that once you do well in something, you'll stop receiving lectures, then you're highly mistaken. I still receive them lectures, which go to the tune off, "Don't think this is the end, you're gonna have to work harder to maintain that status quo". And to top it off, now since mum can't scold me about my studies anymore, she's taken to scolding me along with my sis everytime she's scolding her. Its like buy one, get one free, even if I had nothing to do with whatever she's scolding her for. Blah, thats never gonna change, the bane of being an elder sister :)

Coming to shoes, my sis is going back to school and that dame's been shopping for the past three weekends. Now the only thing remaining are her shoes. That poor girl has been cursed with big feet and we've been searching heaven and earth to find her a pair that fits. My mum's been dropping hints about searching in the men's section, its only poor lil me standing between D and the humiliation of wearing extra wide men's shoes :grin: Ofcourse, like all women, I never have enough shoes, so everywhere I go, I fall in love with atleast one pair which is promptly refused on accounts of the no. of shoes already filling my shoe rack and spilling over to everyone elses racks at home...hmph...me thinks, I need to get my scissors to work and render some of 'em shoes useless ;) Thats not the end though, since both me and mum have the same shoe size, its getting increasingly difficult to convince my mum that I really haven't bought any shoes recently coz I invariably land up wearing the ones she owns :grin: Anyway, I have somehow convinced her to let me buy a pair today coz its the only place we haven't been to as yet on our shoe quest (courtesy, my ever prepared lawyer who goes by the name of 'The Granny' )....hoping this is the end to D's woes :)

PS : A note to all who've linked me, please change the link to my new blog address, I miss my old blog evertime I see the link to it :(

Update: Bought a pair of really high heels and I am seriously wondering how am I gonna walk in them :)