Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy but peeved

Off late I'm being pampered like crazy and all of a sudden I'm being noticed by one and all. I've become everyone's favorite....fave daughter, fave grandchild, fave niece, fave friend's-daughter...(my sisters must be detesting me for hogging all the limelight). My phones been ringing all the time with people wanting to know for sure that what they've heard is true (come to think of I still can't believe it) and I'm being asked what is it that I want ( I'm sure my parents regret for asking me that :) ). Moreover, I've converted my two sisters into believers, believers that a BSc is not a useless course and theres a sudden spurt of deciding ambitions.

All this due to my one ranking. The last entrance test I attempted. Now when I think of it, I was bugged coz I wanted a break, I went with bare minimum preparation and with recommendations from someone to botch it coz its gonna make me go to a god-forsaken-place to study for the next couple of years. I waltzed outta the test and I didn't think much of it coz I thought it was effectively botched (though I didn't do it purposely).

Now, if this falls on the ear of all those who're using me as an example to motivate their kids, they'll drop me like a hot potato and suddenly I'm no longer this achiever. Isn't that unfair? Why does our society value marks so much? Some people are intelligent, it just doesn't show in their mark sheet, why do such students get second class treatment? Why can't a child be valued for being a nice child or a good person? The stark difference in treatment before and after my result day is whats making me happy but extremely peeved. But I think I'll get over it (some serious retail therapy on the making mental lists already ;) )

PS : I'm getting good with this html thing...this look should suffice till I find a better template and someone to help me put it up :)

Friday, May 27, 2005

Back with a bang :)

Hola mi amigos!! I'm back :) The last couple of days were really difficult and I really missed blogging a lot. I deleted my blog out of an impulse and believe me I'm kicking myself for it. I wouldn't mind restoring that blog but I'd like to continue blogging here, So if somebody does know how to restore a blog please be a peach and guide me through it :) And if thats not possible then I did save that entire blog and if someone wants to read it I wouldn't mind mailing it :)

A lots been happening with me and I'm about to have a huge change in my life. I'll blog about it when things are a little more certain. Have fun ppl :)